Title: Flag
adventure, drama, mecha, military, photography, real robot
Eps: 13;
Directed by: Ryosuke Takahashi, Kazuo Terada;
Original creator: Ryousuke Takahashi;
Character Design: Kazuyoshi Takeuchi;
Studio: Aniplex, Answer Studio;
Year: 2006-07;
Watched: 2010;
Dubbed: eng;
MAL: 8 (very good);

Main characters:

  • Saeko Shirasu – main photographer girl;
  • Keiichi Akagi – main photographer guy – senpai.

I just finished watching this anime today and was amazed of the quality of it. It has a really unique way of telling the story and actually kinda realistic animation.

First a bit of story – the main idea is that there is civil war in the country somewhere in Asia. The scene is made a really realistic and even UN (United Nations) are involved. So to put the end to that war there is a need to sign a peace agreement. This where our heroes come in. The girl Saeko takes a breath taking photo that becomes a symbol of peace, because the flag in the picture is considered to be only bond keeping people faith to live in peace. (isn’t it strange that this 1.7 x 1 m peace of material can be so extremely important to all the country and so many lives can depend on it…)

But flag is stolen and UN doesn’t want anyone to know, so they group special unit named SDC to retreat the flag. And so the girl is asked to document everything on the mission. She meets up with 7 different soldiers, who are united by this mission. Also she is introduced to the equipment they have – two big robots, that are piloted by those solders. (mecha part – but not that important and is done pretty realistic and nice)

The teem that Saeko needs to work with. She herself is also in the picture in the middle. Behind them the half of robot is also seen. (I liked the most second from left – the pilot and the first big guy from  the right in the back – the pilot of helicopter).

What really intrigued me the most, was the way of telling the story. All the story is told by the photos or filmed with camera. Usually you cant see the main characters because they are behind the camera. And all animation is made with a lot of care and details. Also you can see how videos are executed on the operating system, in the end it shuts down, and videos end, and in the beginning opening some file – its like you see somebody using computer. Also some videos are made with computer camera so you watch somebody’s personal video base. That makes it more personal, more deep, like you are entering some other world – thats person’s world.

^ the view of girls camera.                                  ^ view of laptop camera

Story actually told by the other photographer (the main guy i mention in list), not by the girl herself. Here two sides of stories mix up. The guy tells a story outside of the unit and tells whats going on in the city, and girl’s part is told about the unit and its operations. I liked very much how the feelings of the girl were interpreted by her photos and videos (though all conclusions were made by the guy). You can actually feel all atmosphere though its not told by herself. And I find this anime kinda inspiring by all the story it tells (or at least tries to). By watching you feel everything more by your heart not actually see the story, you can interpret most of everything yourself. And you feel all that they see, they feel because you see through their eyes – photo cameras.

Detail I liked was the operating system of the main computer all videos are shown on. Its kinda interesting (probably because I study this stuff). Its still the windows display (like in Windows OS) but the control is different. I’m not sure if its based on some real operating system or just made up taking some parts from few..



Op: “Hope to Peace” by Ike Yoshihiro

En: “Lights” by Eri Nobuchika



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