Kiki’s Delivery Service

Title: Kiki’s Delivery Service
Or: Majo no Takkyūbin
adventure, drama, fantasy, supernatural, Growing up, Moe, witches
Directed by: Hayao Miyazaki;
Written by: Hayao Miyazaki;
Based on: novel by Eiko Kadono;
Character Design: Katsuya Kondo;
Studio: Studio Ghibli;
Year: 1989;
Watched: no idea;
Dubbed: eng;
Group: Anime 4ever [a4e];
MAL: 8 (very good);


Main characters:

  • Kiki – the flying girl, witch;
  • Jiji – the black cat;
  • Osono – nice pregnant lady, who helps Kiki out;
  • Tombo – the boy;

So after my small trip to a future with Princess Mononoke, I’m back on track with old, but still good as ever Ghibli treasures from 90s. So now we meet with a cute and friendly girl named Kiki, who is actually a full flying on a broomstick, wearing black gown, and having a black cat witch.

Father looks really similar to the one from Totoro

As she is old and big enough (ya ya she is already 13… and there I was loosing my hair for Maya from Glass Mask now this happens..) she leaves home and travels to find a new city to train in for a year.. And she finds one near the sea, where she meets some nice, some not so nice people, finds a true friendship, saves some lives and finds courage to face the world and believe in herself.

So basically i told the plot ^.^.. When she comes she meets Osono, who offers a place to live and Tombo, who is interested in her as she has a natural ability to fly. For living Kiki opens up a delivery service, as her only skill is flying and has some adventures while working. The plot is simple and straight, it tells what it has without putting you in a big struggle to figure things out.

The world itself is a mixture of reality and fantasy as we get to know that there are a lot of witches out there, though it doesn’t deal with a bit expected conspiracy plans to use witchcraft for evil things.. But all that is left aside, while the worst thing happening in the story is that Kiki feels as outsider and that a grandchild of a really nice granee is a snobby spoiled rich girl..

This story is about believing in your abilities, strength and yourself. Its about finding your way while maybe a world doesn’t want to see you and to be not afraid to be different. Also some things we do without realizing how we do them and suddenly when we no longer are able to do them we try to figure out how we managed before, and the harder we try, the more we mess up. To deal with that Kiki learns from a painter.. Ya the best way to learn sociable skills is from a stranger who lives in a house in the middle of the forest and talks with crows.. but she is not that scary of a woman, she is actually quite nice ^.^and she gave a good suggestion – sometimes to find a peace inside we have to let things be and just take a break, look at the scenery, take a walk.. Or sometimes we need a push from outside, encouragement from some other person.    (and I feel like my writing is getting worse and more boring with each word…).

lets move to the good stuff ^.^ like Tombo – he is a bit pushed on Kiki, and somehow it doesn’t feel so natural, but I still like the way he looks at and acts with her. But looking from the perspective of the anime it somehow doesn’t stick together as well as lets say in the Laputa.. But anyway he is cute ^.^

Its colorful, bright and enjoyable movie for family evening.





Instead of AMV:

op eng: “Soaring” by Sydney Forest [lyrics]
op jp:”ルージュの伝言 (Rouge no Dengon; Message of Rouge)” by Yumi Arai [lyrics]

ed eng: “I’m Gonna Fly” by Sydney Forest [lyrics]
ed jp: “やさしさに包まれたなら (Yasashisa ni Tsutsumareta nara)” by Yumi Arai [lyrics]



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