Gedo Senki

Title: Gedo SenkiGS_H
Or: Tales From Earthsea
adventure, drama, fantasy, dragons
Directed by: Gorō Miyazaki;
Character Design: Akihiko Yamashita;
Studio: Studio Ghibli;
Year: 2006;
Watched: 2015;
Dubbed: eng;
MAL: 7 (good);

Manga: Gedo Senki (2006);

Main characters:

  • Arren – the prince;
  • Ged – the wise one;
  • Therru – the girl;

One more movie in adventure of finding something to spent time on. I have watched this some time ago, but I have no memory of it what so ever, so I’ll just think of it as new item in my list.

GS_ArronA story evolves around troubled young man, who runs away from home and gets himself in lots of hmm.. troubles and adventures I guess. The boy has some anger management issues, which maybe is a reason he got out of home in the first place.. Some explanations are missed in the beginning of the story (like why he hit his father and such) and you get a feeling that there is more than meets the eye. That’s the reason why this story is a bit hard to chew. Under the main story it touches the complicated relationships between people, how hard it is to trust someone after you have been deceived, a natural fear of death and lost will to live. And all of it wrapped in wizards, magic, sorcery, dragons and stuff like that.

GS_DragonTo grasp the main idea of the movie is kind of hard until its almost over. Somehow it looks like all the action happening doesn’t have an actual meaning and it’s a bit hard to watch, but all of the mystery is reveled in the end and things become more clear. The main idea is a fear of death – so natural to a lot of people and commonly the strongest. This fear stops us from doing reckless things and makes us think of the consequences. But moral here is that you should wish to live because the life is precious, not because you fear of the darkness after death. These things will always cause discussions and most people wish for eternal life naturally just because they’re afraid of dying. This movie, or rather this story, is brave enough to accept death and show “that its the thing that makes life precious”. This is one of the things that makes this story “good” (and I mean good, just I want to point to MAL score). Other thing that does it is character design – love the authentic Ghibli or rather Miyazaki (father, as this is a work of his son) type drawing.

GS_Song GS_EvilGS_hug


Ya but.. that damned but.. I can’t point out exactly what is wrong, but something is missing from the movie, that special uplifting feeling.. Something (that’s a great word.. to describe when you don’t know what you are talking about..). maybe its a flaw in directing (probably), maybe the story itself (usually good directing can fix that).. so ya.. missed.. my guess is that the son tried to make a great movie – so great as his father’s, that he accidentally made a copy, just lacking the father himself. I guess it’s missing the spirit of creator. Also the drawing puts a stick in a wheel (I wonder if English has this expression) as well – the similarity to his father’s previous works puts high expectations, which the director failed to fulfill. But that’s just my feeling – all others might think different and that will be just fine. We all feel and think different ^.^

P.S. Its funny how ugly true nature of bad person might look like

GS_Gal-Before GS_Gal-AfterBefore                                                                         After

he should fire his plastic surgeon ^.^



Insert song: “Therru no Uta” (テルーの唄; “Therru’s Song”) by Aoi Teshima [lyrics]

Though I watched english version

ed: “Toki no Uta” (時の歌; “The Song of Time”) by Aoi Teshima [lyrics]


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