Gyagu Manga Biyori

Title: Gyagu Manga Biyori
Or: Masuda Kousuke Theater Gag Manga Biyori
or just: Gag Manga Biyori

Eps: 12;
Directed by: Akitaro Daichi;
Studio: Artland;
Year: 2005;
Watched: 2011;
Subs: eng;
MAL: 5 (average);
Manga: Kōsuke Masuda (2000-…);
Anime: Gyagu Manga Biyori 2 (2006);
Anime: Gyagu Manga Biyori 3 (2008);
Anime: Gyagu Manga Biyori + (2010-…);

Main characters:

  • some strange people;
  • some strange animals;
  • some unknown creatures;

well now.. hmm…  eeee… hmmmm… zzzzZZZZzzzz…. zzzzZZZZzzzz…. ahhh right I was going to say something.. well then… mmmm.. how should I put this… Its something like seeing flying UFO – you see it, but don’t understand what a hell it might be, eventually it takes something around 5 minutes and its gone and only then you understand that it was something totally absurd. And as its gone already you just forget about it.

^ classical – nice…





This is just…. too much..

op: “Atakku! Gyagu Manga Biyori (アタック!ギャグマンガ日和; Attack! Gag Manga Weather)” by Yuji Ueda

ed: “Happy Ending” (ハッピーエンディング) by Tetsuya Kanmuri



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