Title: Mai-Otome
Or: My-Otome
action, comedy, drama, magic, psychological, romance, slice of life, magical girl
Eps: 26;
Directed by: Masakazu Obara;
Written by: Hiroyuki Yoshino;
Character Design: Hirokazu Hisayuki;
Studio: Sunrise;
Year: 2005-6;
Watched: 2011;
Dubbed: eng;
Group: Coalgirls [Coalgirls];
MAL: 6 (fine);
Anime: Mai-Hime (2004-5);
Manga: Mai-Hime (2004-5);
Manga: Mai-Otome (2005-6);
OVA: Mai-Otome Zwei (2006);
OVA: Mai-Otome 0~S.ifr~ (2008);
OVA: Mai-Hime (2010);
Manga: Mai-HiME EXA (2010-…);
OVA: Mai-Otome (2010);

Main characters:

  • Arika Yumemiya – the brown haired girl, fallows her dream;
  • Nina Wáng – the dark blue hair girl, fallows her love;
  • Mashiro Blan de Windbloom – light blue hair girl, fallows her kingdom;
  • Sergay Wáng – the guy;

I guess best here is to start with some story. Its actually quite simple – there are specially trained girls named Otomes, that gets their power through small earing and nanomachines in their blood (that works only as long as they are virgin..). They make a special contract with some person (usually in high ranks) and fulfill their wishes. Usually they are kept for security and defense purposes, but also they are a symbol of power in one’s hands..

Those adults these days…

Sooo our main girl named Arika comes to school for Otomes, because she wants to know something about her mother a previous Otome (notice how it starts to sound like soup opera). There she meets Nina, who also wants to become Otome… mostly because she wants to fulfill the wish of her father Sergay (who is not her real father -he adopted her when she still was a kid.. drama continues). Also there appears a queen named Mashiro, who is spoiled and doesn’t care about anything in this world..

Nagi – isn’t he sneeky cute?

Also there are tons of other girls in school, some senior students, administration, some heads of other countries and their Otomes. Also in the end there appears some characters from Mai Hime (which just blows everything away, because its like – we made such a huge mess that we can’t handle anymore, so lets take some more characters and make them do most of the job and clean the mess up..). but worst is that there already are too many characters like all village of strange-robot looking people, who also want to get the technology of Otomes, some random people, Maki Maki girl and Nagi.. Nagi is a duke or something like that and is kinda kid looking, but too smart for his age guy and i still can’t decide I like him or not…

Blue maki maki, yellow maki maki, red maki maki…

well but as some other people want to use the technology of Otomes also (and for more porpuses than just making Otomes) there starts trouble and Otomes has to fight each other. I’m not going into more detail, because it will take more than an hour to tell everything.

Beside all the Otomes and technology line also goes love line. Because Arika and Nina falls for the same person. And that is one of the reasons I didn’t like this anime too much.. Guess who is that person? I will leave this as a secret, but I was like nahhhh this is wrong on too many levels… and eventually that leads to a big bang ans almost destroy the planet.. ya love is destructive thing..

I dont know how much you got from all my babling, but I tried my best to keep from telling everything. Well in the end I can say that this is one big soup opera with some better or worse fighting scenes, some not so impressive mecha, too many of girls, some true and not so true love and lessons of life.

And even though Mashiro is not the main character she has to go through the most stuff – she is not real queen who has to go a long way to become a respectable leader. And that is one of the strong points of anime, other one is the question of Arika, when she tries to figure out are Otomes good or bad? So is she good or bad? but in the end everything is the way you make it be. And you are the way you act, Otomes are power and power itself isn’t bad nor good, its a tool to reach something, and that something defines it is good or bad..

So after all that philosophical thinking you might think this anime is something more than just simple drama, but in my opinion not so much. Maybe it has some stronger points but also has all that weak lovy dovy drama going on. (btw they are not going to kiss in that picture). Also they tried to put some funny scenes, fillers and extra stories, but I somehow don’t remember much about it, soooo.. that tells something about it I guess.

As far as I remember I didn’t like Mai-Hime too much as well, so I guess this is not unexpected..





op1: “Dream Wing” by Minami Kuribayashi [lyrics]

op2: “Crystal Energy” by Minami Kuribayashi [lyrics]

ed: “Otome wa DO MY BEST deshou? (乙女はDO MY BESTでしょ?)” by Mika Kikuchi and Ami Koshimizu [lyrics]



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