Kaleido Star: New Wings Extra Stage

KS-NWES_HTitle: Kaleido Star: New Wings Extra Stage
Or: Kaleido Star: Arata Naru Tsubasa Extra Stage
adventure, comedy, drama, acrobatics, gymnastics, mild
Eps: 1;
Directed by: Junichi Sato, Yoshimasa Hiraike;
Character design: Fumitoshi Oizaki, Hajime Watanabe;
Studio: Gonzo;
Year: 2004;
Watched: 2013;
Subbed eng by c2club & ATC  [c2club&ATC];
MAL: 7 (good);
Anime: Kaleido Star (2003-4);
OVA: Legend of Phoenix ~Layla Hamilton Monogatari~ (2005);
OVA: Good da yo! Goood!! (2006);

Main characters:

  • Sora Naegino – the spirited main girl;
  • Rosetta Passel – the diabolo genius;
  • Fool – perv spirit of the stage;

KS-NWES_PosterWell after Sora creates a stage without conflict and becomes a true star of Kaleido stage a new future star has to be chosen and with a help of Fool Sora chooses Rosetta. And the training begins.. As Rosetta had some “I’m so perfect I know everything” problems it comes up again. So she as usually pre-teens do at these situations – she runs from home.. ya that’s a smartest step, well anyway in the end she figure outs things and lets Sora (and others) to bring her home.

Though Sora had to work her way up so slowly (51 ep..) and Rosetta is like – you’ll be with the next performance.. ya logic gone wild.. but anyway if you loved Kaleido Star you’ll also enjoy this.

Simple and short almost as one of the eps.




Watch on youtube:

op: "Blanc et Noir” by Sora Naegino & Rosetta Passel [lyrics]

ed: “Tattoo Kiss” by r.o.r/s [lyrics]



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