Kurenai no Buta

KNB_HTitle: Kurenai no Buta
Or: Porco Rosso
adventure, comedy, aircraft, historical, mild
Directed by: Hayao Miyazaki;
Written by: Hayao Miyazaki;
Character Design: Toshio Kawaguchi;
Studio: Studio Ghibli;
Year: 1992;
Watched: Don’t now, but re-watched 2014;
Dubbed: eng;
MAL: 9 (great);

Manga: Hayao Miyazaki “Hikōtei Jidai” (1982-94);

Main characters:

  • Porco Rosso – the Man.. I mean the Pig;
  • Madame Gina – beautiful lady;
  • Fio – the girl;

KNB_PorcoRecently I re-watched this classic to entertain a Friday evening. As I don’t have time to watch anime anymore it was a refreshing feeling to engage myself into this fantastic world one more time. And even this fun comedy/adventure movie is great to entertain yourself, it still brings a message along the way.

The movie sparkles, if I may say so, that atmosphere of times when cabaret was still wearing clothes and yet was extremely entertaining and flashy, when planes where made of wood and landed on water, when war was still in the air, when heroes didn’t have to be handsome and love was still something beautiful.. hmm wait a sec – this still applies. Lets say it this way, when love was still a “spy game”.

KNB_LadyStory goes around interesting fellow, who wears a face of the pig (though I don’t quite sure what that has to do with anything in a story, maybe it just brings a kids’ side to it I guess..). Somehow this film has a certain feeling of “Casablanca“, maybe the atmosphere, maybe the club Madam Gina (Picture—>) was running, maybe that hidden fair in the air.

But lets get back to the plot. It’s actually quite simple, so I don’t know if its necessary for me to discuss it in detail. Just watch it one free evening.

KNB_WomenThis film took something as serious as crisis, when all men had to go to war and all women started to work in their places, which later on gave a way to broaden rights of women, and made it a funny and comical view to watch. But this also allows a bright and smart girl Fio to go and experience the world as any of the free spirited person noways does. But that is expected as most of the Miyazaki’s movies main characters are girls (well not in this one, but she takes no smaller place than the Porco himself).

And how to talk about this film without mentioning the planes. Proco Rosso pilots bright red plane with Italian flag (though its wrong side in this picture, but from other angle its right) with a big propeller on top of it. For me its strange as I always thought propellers should be on top of the plane’s nose or under wings. Oh well.. silly me ^.^


There are way more planes in the movie, but I won’t post them, you’ll have to check them yourself.

Hmm. sorry, but words don’t flow out of me because of some reason, so I’ll probably just let this movie be as awesome as it is and don’t spoil it anymore. Have fun!


in my perfect world – all hostage situations would be like this ^.^ no offence intended, just a silly wish for wold peace


as realistic as always.



ed: “Toki ni wa Mukashi no Hanashi o (時には昔の話を; Once in a While, Talk of the Old Days)” by Tokiko Kato



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