Project ARMS

Title: Project ARMS
adventure, si-fi, supernatural
Eps: 26;
Directed by: Hajime Kamegaki,
Hirotoshi Takaya;
Studio: TMS;
Year: 2001;
Watched: 2010;
Dubbed: eng;
MAL: 7 (good);
Manga: Kyoichi Nanatsuki,
il: Ryoji Minagawa (1997-2002);
Anime: Project ARMS: The 2nd Chapter (2001-2);

Main characters:

  • Ryo Takatsuki – the main guy, brown a bit longer hair, the strongest – Jabberwock;
  • Hayato Shingu – gray hair guy, with a big sword thing – White Knight;
  • Takeshi Tomoe – short black hair, fastest – White Rabbit;
  • Kei Kuruma – the girl, has extraordinary vision – Queen of Hearts;
  • Katsumi Akagi – the lover, as far is just human;

The beginning of anime was really good. No unnecessary stuff, pure action and tension. From the start became the fan of Ryo. Lets have a moment here..

^stealing teachers cookies              ^I like his hair                  ^that’s Jabberwock

He was like the real hero hero type guy with a strong personality, and feeling of true justice. Also he knew thousands of tricks to keep enemy busy. Truly cool guy, has also truly cool mom, that made a good entrance when she took out that huge gun.

Ok let’s move to a little story. There are 4 people who are made as weapons. They have implanted some sort of nano machines, that makes them into some strange creatures (i wrote the names by the list above). Every creature has its own ability and strength. So all of them meet up (most of anime is about how they start to get along) and start to fight against Egragori (the ones that are hunting them and are responsible for all bad thing happening) as a team. But to fight against Egragori is hard because they have to fight against a lot of other enemies in a way, so they meet up with a lot of different kinds of people, most of them also have some sort of powers.

So all anime is pure action that goes and goes without stop. If something is over they don’t give a chance to rest and other thing starts. Eventually it got a bit on my nerve. I don’t know how but all that action just got boring, though I still couldn’t say that anime is bad. It keeps the line, keeps attention and avoids some not necessary too long philosophical thinking stuff. I don’t say it doesn’t have it, just that most of things are taken care of kinda quickly. Also other thing that bugged me was that most (if not all) enemies after fights become friends. They understand all bad they’ve done and go to the good side.. Ya like that really happens after you kick somebodies butt.

Love story. Actually pretty important in the whole story line, because it is between Katsumi and Ryo. (I’ll confess in firsts eps I hated that bi*h… He was so cool and tired to save her and she just so got in a way and was so not grateful, total not hero’s girl, but later she got a bit better) Lets have a second moment…

Katsumi is killed (or not) by Egragori and Ryo finds himself guilty of that so becomes a bit crazy. Lets have a moment that was repeated in anime so many times that got me sick:

^ that white thing behind her is explosion        ^ she burns and he just stands – hero fail

Sooo… after she dies (or not) Ryo starts to be a bit crazy and becomes totally Jabberwock. Big monster that has only one purpose – to kill all mankind. When he gets back to himself he figures out that Katsumi might be still alive (or not) so it becomes only one thing that makes him go forward. That’s where the inner fight between him and that Jabber thing (too long name to write all the time so lets make it Jabber). The monster side wants to take over Ryo so he fights back and doesn’t allow that. And when in the middle of the fight with RedCaps (one of Egregori armies) Jabber gets into big trouble so Ryo tries to help him and gets inside of Jabber mind. And lets check what he finds there

Yes in every big and mighty monster lies just a little crying girl… Appearances mislead us. Ok lets not fool around she is not a Jabber thing anyway, she just is inside of him and she is Alice (with cute English accent – I was watching Eng Dub version). I think she will appear in 2nd season more. so lets leave it here.

As I mentioned I was watching Eng Dub version (some misunderstandings between words “He has arms on his legs”). And it was totally not censored, so there was (mostly said by Hayato) such masterpieces as “Would you wake up and get your head out of your ass, please”, “You self pitying di*khead”, “it must really suck to be you”, “sad little piece of shit”, “pathetic little losers”, “fu*king coward”, “you’re mom is on crack”, “those ancient duds must have been smoking some serous shit”, “I wouldn’t let you wipe my ass”, “old fart”, “he practically wet himself”, “get you wrinkled butt out here”, “old geezer”, “shut up you little wuss” … and so on.. also there is a lot swearings that usually are used by people. But still some of these moments were funny.

Op op we go to check the second chapter.. hope not to be disappointed.


AMV (btw love the song)

op1: “FreeBird” by New Cinema Tokage [lyrics]

op2: “Breathe on Me” by New Cinema Tokage [lyrics]

ed1: “Just Wanna Be” by WAG [lyrics]
ed2: “Call my Name” by Garnet Crow [lyrics]



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