Lensman: Secret of The Lens

Title: Lensman: Secret of The Lens
action, adventure, science fiction
Directed by: Yoshiaki Kawajiri;
Studio: Toyo Labs, Harmony Gold USA
Year: 1984;
Watched: 2011;
Dubbed: eng;
MAL: 6 (fine);

Anime: Lensman: Power of the Lens (1984-5);

Main characters:

  • Kimball Kinnison – the boy hero;
  • Clarissa MacDougall – the girl;

The story is based on some old si-fi novels by Edward Elmer. I never saw anime so i cant tell if its the same just a bit more extended, or movie is a separate story just using the same characters.

Here the young boy trying to save his father goes into some abandoned ship and find a wounded guy there. The guy has a lens (some stone looking thing attached to his hand<—-) and transmits it to the boy and gives him a mission to save galaxy (or something like that) from evil. Yes there is an evil ones that wants to destroy mmm something (I seriously don’t remember what though i watched the movie, Galactic federation is involved in this)… So the boy goes into journey (to that Galactic federation thing) to understand what exactly he has to do. During that his father dies, he meets the girl (more a lady.. what a butt.. but cool lipstick and hair style). The lens actually is some sort of information link or something that is very important (in the end they say more about it connecting it to the true heart, feelings and so on… not so much new in anime world). Also he meets with really strange (a bit dragon looking—>) guy. In the end he has to save his girl and to fight the evil ones. More or less that’s all.

So lets have a moment for the lady:

and some strange looking friends:

if you wonder “if that’s friends who needs enemies” but here are some:

^ I like the pink guy – he always floats, doesn’t do anything and spreads electric waves

and the last thing – the graphics. Because there were used some 3d things. I remember i programed something that looked like that with openGL. Not so neat looking as newdays 3D but taking into account that its 1984 its a beginning (sorry a bit poor quality).

To sum up all of this – I don’t like it too much, I just look at it as classic. It has a good part of imagination put in it – the characters look original and their development is made though everything is more based on action. Story is not very original but has something of its own. So I believe thats all.





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