Itsudatte My Santa!

Title: Itsudatte My Santa!
comedy, romance
Eps: 2;
Directed by: Noriyoshi Nakamura;
Character design: Masahide Yanagisawa;
Studio: TNK;
Year: 2005;
Watched: 2011;
Dubbed: eng;
MAL: 6 (fine);
Manga: Ken Akamatsu;

Main characters:

  • Santa – boy -> ;
  • Mai – girl -> ;
  • Sharry – a friend of Mai;
  • MaiMai – Mai’s sister;

well now do you like Christmas? if yes then why? because of all the presents you get? because of all that warming up Christmas spirit? because of all that warm fuzzy feeling inside while you see how everything around turns to something nice and how it gathers everyone together, how families come together? so do you like Christmas? if no then why? because of all that money spending and headache what to buy for who? because of all that commercialism when everything around yells “Sell sell – buy buy”? or maybe because you are so terribly afraid being alone on Christmas?

This boy here knows exactly what it is like to be alone and hate Christmas.. He was born on Christmas eve and was named Santa, but as his parents are always busy he is always alone on Christmas (or most of the times anyway) so he eventually started to hate Christmas. But one time a strange girl appears asking to spend a night with her and claiming that she is here just to make him happy and that she is Santa Claus (well at least she studies to become one…)
And so as in most of anime suppose to – a lot of bizarre things starts to happen. like a big pile of fish (starting with “s” ) falling on Santa’s head, dressing room with cute girl in it appearing from nowhere and a huge pile of fish (this time from a truck) on some misbehavior duds.

Though I really like one idea – a kiss of happiness. Mai shared some of her happiness with Santa through a kiss. A bit cliche but at the same point really nice and romantic. This things never goes out of fashion..
But everything that starts so nice ends not so nice. Eventually Mai has to go to study and has to say goodbye to Santa so her friend tries to help.. But everything ends nice.

Is you are looking for some nice romantic fanservice – this piece is just for you. Or if you look for some short, nice and not requiring a lot of thinking anime that shoot all the right points right into your eyes – this is that ball.. Its stupid but cute, short but not that much to miss all the fun. But there is only one condition here – be open minded and try not to think really hard.

^.^ hmm waiting for Christmas…

still waiting…





op: “My Love” by Nanaka

ed1: “キミからお願い” by Hirano Aya
ed2: “my saint” by Hirano Aya



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