Title: Kemonozume
Or: Beast Claw
adventure, drama, horror, romance, supernatural, Intense

Eps: 13;
Directed by: Masaaki Yuasa;
Character Design: Nobutake Ito;
Studio: Madhouse;
Year: 2006;
Watched: 2011;
Subs: eng by AnimeForever & Yoroshiku Fansubs [AF-F&Y-F];
MAL: 7 (good);
Star-3 Star-8

Main characters:

  • Toshihiko Momota – the main good guy;
  • Yuka Kamitsuki – the girl of the main guy;
  • Kazuma Momota – brother of main guy;
  • Rie Kakinoki – a girl;
  • Kyūtarō Ōba – the bad guy;

I heard it actually might be true.. I would love to see that

“Hunter falls in love with the victim” – heard so many times and explained in so many levels that you might think it can’t go any further.. but this story just shouts “I’m original” in so many ways that you definitely will be surprised and see something unexpected. Starting with animation style (which is actually pretty far from what we are used to see in anime) and finishing with the story line.

A lot of action, mostly killing and killing in really scary and strange ways, ugly monsters, cute girls, world destruction plans, passion, love, making love, story twists.. everything more than enough.. and some extra – like chair fighting, adorably smart “master ninja” monkey, crazy sign language and so on..

They all die

All story goes around a love story between two lovers (picture above) – Yuko, who is a flesh eater (some sort of monster that eats humans) and Toshihiko, who belongs to a group of hunters killing flesh eaters (old fashion way with swords and stuff..). They suppose to be total enemies, but as + attracts – they attract each other and fall in love. As Toshihiko gets to know the true nature of his beloved one (well its kinda hard to not notice, when she goes all berserk when she gets too exited.. but he gets to know about that only during his father funeral), he decides to run away with her and start a new life. As story evolves they have to go through hell and more hell.. frankly speaking..  but they manage to keep on loving each other (with some side effects and some bumps on the way). They are a fire and water, hunter and victim at the same time. He hunts her as a killer, she hunts him as food, but they make love so strong they usually end up breaking everything around..
(make sure you are old enough to see this):

^side effect
  ^start was nice                   ^but it caused bigger side effect
^she tried so hard.. but he ended up with other girl this time

^something is wrong in this picture..

Now lets meet with some other people from the story. Obsessed, but good in heart, younger brother, who tried to run family business, but eventually ended up in big shit.. And a girl named Rei, who is in love with Toshihiko and envies Yuko. Though brother on the same time cares for her and at some point she cares for him too.

^he is not blond from the beginning ^don’t judge me – it was the cutest pic I could find..

well the last one to mention here would be the bad guy – Oba.. first of all he is a mster of disguise:

I still wonder why bunny..? he is the one trying to make the rest of the world into flesh eaters, because he wants to find the best claws for his son (who is enormously big, but no less friendly, see the pic below).. and eventually all that plan is a bit fishy to me…

and after seeing something like that:

^thats Rei’s hands in his underwear – sick in so many levels… ^head is chased by its body sickness level doesn’t stop dropping..I tell you this guy probably would get into top 10 most sick villains of anime. He cut off hands of a woman he claimed he loved and killed her, then made his own son into monster, then killed half of the city by turning them into monsters and eating each other, then killed some more innocent people for his own entertainment… ok I guess enough credit for one time..

Now something worth mentioning:
^where those pockets come from? and teddies….? ok I leave it for you to decide..



[AKROSS Con 2010] Snowcrash – Tandem (very good song choice):

op: “Auvers Blue” by Katteni Shiyagare

ed: “Suki” by Santara



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