Title: Gredanier
action, adventure, comedy, ecchi, fanservice, girls with guns
Eps: 12+5sp; (sometimes they write 7 but i didn’t find the last 2)
Directed by: Hiroshi Koujina;
Written by: Akira Okeya;
Character design: Hideki Inoue;
Studio: Studio Live, Group TAC;
Year: 2004-5;
Watched: 2011;
Dubbed: eng;
Group: Exiled-Destiny [E-D];
MAL: 7 (good);
Manga: Sōsuke Kaise (2003-6);

Main characters:

  • Rushuna Tendō – the blond girl;
  • Yajirō Kojima – the guy (Yachan);
  • Mikan Kurenai – annoying kid;

“An ultimate fighting strategy is to erase enemy’s will to fight. First you must be unarmed. Then you have to strip him from his armor. And then smile and keep him close to your soft bosom.” Example:

Yes this is a show full of fanservise, guns and cute girls. But it goes a bit beyond that. Basically it is a story about traveling girl named Rushina. She is 16 (now that was surprising.. she is really… how should I put it.. well developed to be 16 I guess) and has extremely nice body and even more extremely good shooting skills. But her philosophy (which is taken from a Tenshi – mysterious ruler or something like that) is based on the idea that fighting is wrong, so she tries to help people and lead the ones that gone wrong way to a good one. On her journey she meets a skilled swordsman, who starts to travel with her and helps her. And sometimes she gives him some really tough assignments:
(for more info about how he coped with it see 1st sp or Omake)

Also they meet a girl on the way (who is totally annoying, but probably was put there to make it less.. hmm.. well he is young, she is young and sexy, and all that “close to your bosom” and “would you like to join me in a bath” stuff.. you get the idea..). So they travel “stripping” some bad-ass guys “of their armor”. Everything would be fun and all, but eventually they run into a little problem. Tenshi (the one that Rushina is so inspired of) puts a price over Rushina’s head. They decide to go to capital to figure things put. On the way Rushina shows some amazing tricks involving shooting, Yachan – some sword tricks.. and the kid.. well some balloons:
Gredanier_fanserv <-

Pretty amazing trick don’t you think?
  that’s much better ^.^

As I already started lets have some more shots of Rushina here (trust me she is worth it):
And you remember I mentioned she has a really good shooting skills? well she also has a really amazing loading skills as well:

^click too see in action

Now form all that you might think this is just one more lame story full of half naked sexy girl and some impressive guns, but under all of it there is still some more meaning, like that ultimate fighting strategy (fighting with a smile, not guns), that it is not worth to keep a grudge against people who are just pitiful and to destroy your life that way. Also there is a scene where Yachan looses his old friend – as he is a man (and men are not allowed to cry) snowflake falls on his face instead of a tear:

in the end this anime is a fight of ideas, ideals, believes and simple greed for power. But everything turns out nicely and our three friends head out to have more adventures.

Thats all folks..





1st Omake
2nd Omake
3rd Omake
4th Omake
5th Omake

op1: “KOHAKU” by Mikuni Shimokawa

op2: “Akatsuki no Sora wo Kakeru” by Hiromi Sato (actually didn’t see it in anime)

ed1: “Kanashimi ni Makenaide” by Mikuni Shimokawa
ed2: “Hana no Youni” by Hiromi Sato



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