Title: Dai-Guard
action, adventure, comedy, science fiction, mecha, military
Eps: 26;
Directed by: Seiji Mizushima;
Original Character Design: Hiroshi Kanno;
Character Design: Mitsuru Ishihara;
Studio: XEBEC;
Year: 1999-2000;
Watched: 201011;
Dubbed: eng;
MAL: 8 (very good);

Main characters:

  • Shunsuke Akagi – pilot;
  • Ibuki Momoi – navigator;
  • Keiichiro Aoyama – engineer;
  • And so on, because there is a lot:

At first I thought that this is going to be a waste of time, but later this anime just got me. Probably all the optimistic attitude and loud yelling got my attention. Akagi is one of those rare type of heroes that are being childish also are manly at the same point. I suppose that most of people hate this kind of people and find them annoying. But for me Akagi was truly the one fighting from his heart, for really better world and for people. The main goal for him is to save people not to make better face (which is the most important for military here).

So as I already started to talk about the story lets continue from the start. Three of our main characters are pilots of huge robot named Dai-Guard. They all work for 21st Century Defense Corporation in Public Relation Division (so they are civilians). When they were hired their job was to represent company and that’s all but there appeared a huge monster (similar to the one that appeared some long time ago and was the reason Dai-Guard was built in the first place, they are called Heterodyne – way too long name to write so I’ll just use monster instead) so Akagi decides to take action (as it was his dream to be a pilot of a huge robot – too much of anime and video games) and all team defeats that monster. That makes a military look not so cool – they are the ones that suppose to defend country.. So they decide to take Dai-guard away – that doesn’t pull off, then to create new one – eventually Dai-Guard saves it from total distraction, and so on and on.. So our heroes need to face aggressive monsters, angry and double-faced military, some aggressors in their own company’s head administration, financial problems and personal issues. And they bare with it (some (most) of the times with the help of Akagi’s optimism. But sometimes his humor gets him into a bit worse situations like this one:                    

I liked the realism of all this anime. They show Dai-Guard as real robot that is heavy has limited power and doesn’t fly (i don’t imagine how those huge mecha’s fly – that should be over few thousands tons). Every time they carry all parts of Dai-Guard into the fighting scene with a lot of trucks and then gather it from peaces with special equipment. The problems after fights – for destroying the property of somebody, repairs, fights reports and so on, they also have to take care of after battle.

Beside Akagi I also liked one girl in that division – Shizuku Irie. She acts totally randomly – usually is calm, speaks in low voice but sometimes just starts to act totally strange. Like when she performed fake love story. I loved her expression: “this movie is ganna suck” (though in subs its gone).. she is one of those I-will-say-everything-into-face-with-totally-cool-face-expression-and-tone type.

Guess which one? (in the pic above also^) Yes she is cool…. even in mommy’s suite

And some more all together pics:

you feel how atmosphere changes when Shizuku appears?…

no there is no huge spacey building for robot pilots . They work in a small office, have to pick up phones (vg/;’ + a lot of spaces (because they were easy to press) – this is my cat’s comment on this anime ^.^), to fill a lot of documents – normal work not some Mecha station. (no offense meant.. I like Mecha anime but this one is just so realistic I have to compare)

Also there is a couple I should mention. Its crazy young girl scientist and her lovy dove sweet cakes, sexy Sumi…. and so on…

Beside all of that anime was fun, had good humor, realism, deep thoughts and emotions. I had great fun watching it. Also you can feel that it is the most important what you have in your heart not what rank you have or where you stand in society or military. (and the background music in some fights that reminded some hymn or military marsh sometimes put that good-ones-will-win-with-glory feeling). But anime is somehow without the end because they don’t defeat monsters for good. They just somehow learn how to deal with it like with tsunamis, earthquakes and such…

And the last thing I would like to mention which is not connected with anime itself. Its subs… (though I watched eng dub version, but op and ed were with subs) let me give you a hint:

was it necessary to translate ba ba baaa bara ra ra sounds? …. its just a detail but i laughed at it for a min (^.^) and other one:

Hashire means run.. but why to translate Japanese to … Japanese …?

So I believe that’s all..



a little conversation:

op: “Rojiura no Uchuu Shounen (Back Alley Space Boy)” by The Cobratwisters [lyrics]

though doesn’t have that strange barara thing…

ed: “Hashire Hashire (Run, Run)” by Kyoko Endou [lyrics]


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