Vampire Hunter: The Animated Series

Title: Vampire Hunter: The Animated Series
Or: Night Warriors: Darkstalkers’ Revenge
(and all sorts of variations of that)
action, adventure, drama, horror, supernatural

Eps: 4;
Directed by: Masashi Ikeda;
Written by: Tatsuhiko Urahata;
Characters design by: Shukou Murase;
Studio: Madhouse Studios, Viz Media;
Year: 1997-8;
Watched: 2011;
Dubbed: eng;
Group: AniWorld [aW];
MAL: 8 (very good);

A lot of games;
Manga: Darkstalkers/Red Earth: Maleficarum (1997)

Main characters:

  • Morrigan Aensland – the blue haired strong flying girl;
  • Felicia – the cat girl;
  • Anita – the small girl;
  • Donovan Baine – strong hunter;
  • Demitri Maximoff – the really gallant bad guy;
  • Hsien-Ko and Mei-Ling – two traveling together sisters (though I’m not sure about names);

Though this ova is only 4 eps it took me around 2 years to finally finish it. But don’t get me wrong! Its not because its bad, its actually kinda good, and deep, but on the same time its really full of everything and you need to concentrate a lot on it to not miss anything, because it might be important later on (or its just interesting to see). But for me this ova also has a strong feeling that its made out of and about a game. It has way too many of loose ends and everything is explained, but not explained. Its like you need to play a game to understand everything.

It has a lot of separate lines, that collide and then separate again. And for being only 4 eps long it shows really a lot (though also leaves a lot of unfinished business). But to explain it a bit better lets separate the lines.

First is about Anita and Donovan. He is big and mighty, she is small and emotionless. They meet by accident and start to travel together. She is left behind (and has some mysterious power), he is a half Darkstalker.

Second is about two sisters, who travel around the world (which by the way is under a dark.. I mean people are dying, bad stuff happening, bad monsters come and so on.. you know typical). They want to revenge (or save..?) their mother. But also they help people to escape dark ones (for money of course).

Third is Morrigan and Demitri.. Now this one is rather tricky. Demitri wants to come back and rule over dark world (or something), because he is banished to human world. Morrigan is really strong and is trying to prevent that (maybe..?). But anyway their fight is mind blowing. So elegant, so destroying, so… so passionate. And Demitri is one a hell of a bad guy. He shows the right example of what the real bad ass gentlemen and opponent should be. He fights with style. Though there is an extra line here, where people interfere. They created (I guess..) the robot to stop Dark ones (and so he opposes Demitri). But eventually he figures that people are the same bad as any other Dark one.

Fourth is about a catgirl Felicia (any anime wouldn’t be half fun without cat-girls would it), who tries to help people (and on the same term good people help her). Though I read that she is all about music, but I didn’t see that in ova.. That’s probably in games only. And in my opinion she is one big walking fanservice in all its mighty.

And all that is wrapped up in a lot of philosophical stuff like all people actually have darkness inside them. So that should be first dealt with, rather than blaming everything on other thing walking on earth. Also all dalrstalkers are different kind, with different abilities – its like a mythology party.

This ova fulfills its duty and is soaked with darkness from the very start to the end (even if it ends with cute Anita’s smile). Animation is nice and well made as well as drawing, dark, but has its own style. Though characters are just thrown in (some explanations come, some don’t, some are developed more others are just forgotten) – I guess its because of the game, its like they expect you already know some of them from the game, or you will play it to know more. The same goes for plot – its just begging for full length anime, it has so much potential. I like that all kind of different creatures are used and that every one of them have a different story underneath.  I like how this ova keeps that higher level of thinking and fighting (not just big bang I killed the bad guy so now the world is safe and I’m a total hero – no baby, there are millions of other bad guys out there..face it), it deals with people’s innerselves, or rather with inner worlds of the ones who are fallen (or have no other way), who deal with a much bigger darkness and sometimes are way better than actual humanity.






ed: “Trouble Man” by Eikichi Yazawa



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