Twilight Q: Mystery Article File 538

TQ-MAF538_HTitle: Twilight Q: Mystery Article File 538
mystery, psychological, romance, science fiction, detectives
Eps: 1;
Directed by: Mamoru Oshii;
Character design: Katsuya Kondo;
Studio: Studio Deen;
Year: 1987;
Watched: 2012;
Subbed: eng;
MAL: 7 (good);

Ep1: Twilight Q: Time Knot – Reflection (1987);

Main characters:

  • A man;
  • A girl;


This is the second ep of OVA Twilight Q. As I mentioned in the first review I decided to write them separately, because they are almost separate anime. And this part is directed by no other than Mamoru Oshii, who as I believe you already know is one crazy f*ck.. Sorry for my language ^.^ and he was the reason i watched this OVA in a first place..

So the story is toled from an investigator’s position and its more TQ-MAF538_Fishplanelike an old detective film, where the investigator plays the main role and tells everything from his perspective. He investigates little girl and her father living in a house that doesn’t exist. The girl appears to be a goddess who can turn planes (and other things i suppose) into carps (example of Royal Carps) (and actually its really pretty and nice fish – I saw them alive in a zoo). She is young and as a goddess grows really slow so she needs a lot of guardians over time, thats why a new investigator has to come into a picture and that cycle goes round for a long long time.

I liked the girl herself – she suppose to be a goddess, but she’s so human and childish that you just can’t not love her. Everything about her reminds a simple small kid. I mean just look at her ^.^

TQ-MAF538_Girl-1 TQ-MAF538_Girl-2

For me this story as more interesting than the first one and even it was a “speed reading exam” (if you want to get the idea you have to read really fast or you have to stop for most of the places to understand) it had more into it. It evolves around a minimal amount of characters and tels only one story so its easier to catch up. Also it owns a generously explained ending which gives it a lightness feeling that easies you mind and just explains everything..


Some pics:




ed: “Guutara na Sakana (ぐうたらな魚; Lazy Fish)” by Mako Hyoudou



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