Rcmnd lists

Here I’ll put links to the recommendation lists that i gathered from internet and try to separate them into some small groups. None of them are done by me so I’ll provide a source (if possible) and original picture. I will also put marking on them by showing what I watched and what you can find in this blog. Some of animes repeats trough lists (but well that only shows that most people found that anime interesting and worth the time, probably that makes them good).. Also with these lists you might find some interesting anime that are similar to the ones you saw and so on.. So lets start.

Note. (but before that I’ll just slip one more minor detail-trick I’ll use.. I’ll put a star for every list, and then I’ll put that star representing the list in every anime review I’ll write which will be from that list. for me that will show how popular the anime is and what my opinion is about it ^.^ all star icons’ sources will be provided in note 4.)…

  1. For starters – if you wonder which shows you should check out first, look no further and check these lists:
    1. For Starters No.1Recommended: For Starters No.1;
    2. For Starters No.2Recommended: For Starters No.2;
  2. Before you ask – if you ever surfed internet for anime recommendations I bet that you crossed at least one of this kind of lists, so its some that I gathered:
    1. Star-3Recommended: Before You Ask No.1;
    2. Star-4Recommended: Before You Ask No.2;
    3. Star-5Recommended: Before You Ask No.3;
    4. Star-5Recommended: Before You Ask No.4;
    5. Star-7Recommended: Before You Ask No.5;
    6. Star-8Recommended: Before You Ask No.6;
    7. Star-9Recommended: Before You Ask No.7;
    8. Star-10Recommended: Before You Ask No.8;