Princess Mononoke

Title: Princess Mononoke
Or: Mononoke Hime
adventure, drama, fantasy, deforestation, forest spirit, spirits, talking animals, wolves
Directed by: Hayao Miyazaki;
Written by: Hayao Miyazaki;
Studio: Studio Ghibli;
Year: 1997;
Watched: no idea;
Dubbed: end;
Group: Zhentarim DivX [zx]
MAL: 9 (great);

Main characters:

  • Ashitaka – the boy, brave and one of those rare types that probably doesn’t exist;
  • San – the princess, one living with wolves;
  • Moro – the wolf, god;
  • Lady Eboshi – strong leader, but blind to the world, reminds me of princess, who also was blind in Nausicaä;

“Now watch closely.. I will show you how to kill a God. A God of life and death. The trick is not to fear him.”/Lady Eboshi. I wonder how to be not afraid when you look into the death itself? and is it really smart not to be afraid.. well at east that god actually is not that scary.

well after some of my Ghibli posts (Nausicaa, Laputa, Totoro) you might expect that this one is also fluffy and cute, with a nice love story inside.. and then you get this:

ya.. pretty nice fella don’t you think? so this movie is not that gentle and cute type that you waited. Its more brutal and trows all the nasty and dark human sins right into your face. While other tales tried to tell you nicely that we should live in peace with nature and love each other this story shows what happens if we don’t.

well but i ran off somewhere.. Lets start at the beginning – our brave and nice main hero Ashitaka has to leave his village, because in an accident he had to face (and kill) one spirit, who became demon and tried to kill his people. So he goes away to find the cause of this transformation and to see “with the eyes unclouded by hatred”. By traveling he understands that because of his wound (which he got from a demon), now he is possessed by hatred and has a great power. Eventually he comes to a town Iron town, where a Lady Eboshi rules and where they make guns and iron. She is extraordinary woman, who doesn’t want to posses money and power (well if it comes also she will accept it, but that is not her primer goal), she wants to make a living for her people. She takes care of them, and creates a woman cult. But she is a fearless woman, who wants to take over land from forest Gods. These on the other hand are quite unique things – they are spirits living in some animals’ bodies. And in one of the tribes of such spirits (in wolfs’) lives a girl – princess Mononoke (her name actually is San). Our Ashitaka meets San and tries to get friendly (without a big luck though), but gets to know that she is against humans (as they kill animals, cut down and burn forest and do other bad stuff). But he understands the meaning of hatred and despair which is the only thing left after it, so he tries to figure out how everyone could live together.

This movie has a great ending, because at a moment it lets you understand what happens when bad people get their way, before heroes saves the world. It lets the ones who are blind to see the truth – Lady Eboshi in this meaning, has to face the fact that she did wrong, and that killing God of life is not exactly the brightest idea ever. Though for being so smart and intelligent she let’s that old guy (who needs the head of the god) manipulate her quite easy.. Its strange..

On the other hand Ashitaka is the hero of them all, maybe a bit too much at the same time. But probably thats what I like about him ^.^ he is like that voice of absolute truth and reason. He sees true colors and is determined to seek for peace between humans and forest spirits. Probably he is made that way to be strong enough not to give up to hatred that tries to kill him. I just love the moment when he apologizes to San for what humans have done.. And he saved her from Iron Town when he was badly wounded, he stopped her from becoming murderer, lifted the huge gate (it needs  men to lift it) and carried her out.. he stood in front of Eboshi while she told that she was responsible for the killing of the spirits and was strong enough not to revenge to her. He someone, people probably call true heroes.And for me this movie was about him, not her ^.^ but I guess that was a point.

Overall this movie is great. Animation, fantasy, mystery, drawing, characters – everything mixes up to be great. And those little adorable forest spirits with their heads rolling.. just charming. Movie is bright and inspiring, it has a strong feeling of justice and shows how blind people are to the fact, that we are not the only ones on this planet – that we have to respect our surroundings, even if sometimes we don’t understand. But anyway I think I just barely touched it, so you just have to see it ^.^

^ tell me: was I the only one who (for just a blink of the eye) thought that they became wolfs after a big blast and this was the first scene?

one minor detail before I go.. how on earth this guy can run on so fast in those shoes? mystery.. mystery I tell you ..







op: “Ashitaka Sekki (アシタカせっき; The Legend of Ashitaka)” by Joe Hisaishi

ed: “Mononoke Hime (もののけ姫)” by Joe Hisaishi



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