Title: Bastard!!
Or: Bastard‼ Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy
Or: Basutādo!! Ankoku no Hakaishin
action, comedy, fantasy
Eps: 6;
Directed by: Katsuhito Akiyama;
Character Design: Atsushi Okuda, Hiroyuki Kitazume
Studio: AIC;
Year: 1992;
Watched: 2011;
Dubbed: eng;
MAL: 7 (good);

Manga: Kazushi Hagiwara (1988-…);

Main characters:

  • Tia Noto Yoko – red hair girl, probably the real lover;
  • Dark Schneider – the white hair guy, probably the one they mean as bastard;
  • Rushe (I would say Lushe more, but if they say..) – the boy, the small and nice version of Schneider;
  • Ninja Master Gara – short black hair guy, the warrior ninja;
  • Thunder Empress Arshes Nei – violet hair girl, the one that does most of the mess;

At first when I saw drawing of this anime and understood some of the story I remembered one of kinda famous anime (well manga I guess is more famous) – Berserk. But eventually it was more a first impression, later everything came down to just being funny apocalyptic story about one bad ass guy who saves the world in his own way..

And while he’s at it he even shows some nice views… ^.^ I guess this is first (at least for me) that actually shows the same amount naked (and actually nice looking) men body as girls. (well girls, I guess, still wins, but lets forgive.. they gave as Darsh.. I guess eventually its more than enough – and I can say that I like this drawing – still raw, and not that typical anime-ish ).

Dedicated for girls:

well now something more common.. (which actually was kinda strange – ok torture by melting cloths..? hentai much..) not appropriate for younger than 18!

now that I already got your attention lest move to some story – its world where people live in castles and have powerful magicians protecting them or helping them to conquer others. So the ones who have more powerful magician can take over more.. Therefor the castle of Yoko is being under attack, so her father (with her help) brings back one really powerful (but also with huge ego) magician, who was sealed in young boy’s body. And as Lushe (or Rushe or whatever that boy is) is in love with Yoko, Dark Schneider is also.. So while he (with his big ego coming along) tries to save Yoko and her castle, he has to fight some of his old known friends (well they become even more friends after that) and some really bad guys. So plenty of good fights and action..

Schneider (is it me or it sound German in some way..) is the most powerful magician on earth, and is “Annoyingly unkillable”/Arshei.. He has a huge ego that pops up every now and then, is over 400 years old and is more intelligent than he shows, because he understands the true feeling of people – the true darkness and blindness of them. But at the same time he is dedicated to Yoko, tries to protect her and puts her on top of everything. (<- ok he ripped out his heart for other girl, but he considers her his daughter so lets forgive him..). But he fights even with Arshei to protect Yoko. Also he is the one that is aware of true identity of him (as being main character of the story..)

on the other hand Yoko is not that pure girl true knights would take as their ladies to fight for. She is “more delicate than it seems”/Yoko, but still is the one that can actually slam Dark as he is regaining his consciousness after not really good battle.

(in dub translation she says “why are you sleeping on a job?.. I’m gonna kick your ass” while she keeps slapping him.. that is the best way to start guys heart beating… well undressing helps also, but in his case I guess he needed a good kick).. well ya – she is a strong girl.. but also for her it is really important that Lushe loves her and cares for her and on the same time that Dark is caring for her and protects .

One more minor detail to cover up. Do all ninjas need to put pink eye shadows when they go to meet their enemy? Couse it is the first time I see it.. I saw the net t-shirt thing before (Shinobu), but this.. its the first.. ok imagine Naruto with that.. too weird.. but its probably according to some old custom that is not really popular now  so they don’t show it, but it was during real ninja times (you know all that make up thing is more for girl, and as we don’t know real customs, they can change the way it looks better for them, not necessarily showing true – commercialism, trying to show what people want to see not what was true and so on.. world, we create it, they recreate it). And as I don’t know the real purpose for that, so I will not say anything more than “pink actually is his color” ^.^…

so probably that’s all for this. The end of anime was kinda nice and it could have been the beginning for really good full length anime, but as far as I know there is still non, except this one and ongoing manga.





ed1: “I’m in Trouble” by Toshinori Yonekura [lyrics]
ed2: “Monochrome Trouble” by Toshinori Yonekura [lyrics]



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