Title: DearS
romantic comedy, si-fi, action, alien, ecchi, fanservice, harem
Eps: 13;
Directed by: Iku Suzuki;
Original creator: Peach-Pit;
Character Design: Shinji Ochi;
Studio: Daume;
Year: 2004;
Watched: 2010;
Subs: eng;
MAL: 7 (good);

Manga: Peach-Pit (2002-5);
OVA: Kane no Tama desu no? (2005);

Main characters:

  • Takeya Ikuhara – the main boy;
  • Ren – electric color hair alien;
  • Miu – pink color hair alien;
  • Neneko Izumi – the childhood friend of the boy;

NOTE: Be sure to be appropriate age to see the pictures below!! They contain nudity and controversial images.

A little bit of story. An aliens comes to earth (but these are friendly ones, they try to live nice with people) so Takeya accidentally meets one of them Ren. He and his friend Neneko teaches her to speak and she starts to go to school where also is an alien Miu. All alien thing here is based on slave-master relationship, because aliens are actually a kind of slaves so they live to serve. So Ren thinks that she is Takeya’s slave. he on the other hand believes in free will and that she has to take her own decisions. But from anime they want to show that all slavery part here is just that Ren want to make Takeya happy and to be with him. And that’s just the way she want to show that. So that is a main story in short.

Now lets get to some more … hmmm.. ecchi thing. And that what this all anime is full of. Somehow it reminds me even Hentai (ok I saw few… utiutiu…) so this anime is full of all things to keep attention:


Double minded scenes:

Nudity from other angle:

Short naked stories:

^s1                                                ^s2                                              ^s3-at least she’s honest..

^s1 – she saves him                  ^s2 – he’s in shock                   ^s3 – …

^s4 – she’s honest again…                                     ^s5 – he’s in shock again

sexy aliens:                      catgirl:                 not necessary pervert pretty boy:

crazy Sencei:

 Dears_Sense.2 Dears_Sensei.3
^that’s light reading in her class
Dears_Sensei.4  Dears_Sensei.6 
^her idea of detention…

girly boy: (my second favorite character (after Neneko)- Khi he’s cute and smart.. well do i really need a reason?)

^                        ^this is his punishment           ^this also…

boyly girl:

This is Neneko. Takeya’s childhood friend (totally in love with him, but too realistic to say it for him as there is a sooo pretty alien around). I liked her a lot, because she is the most realistic character in all anime… so as i am putting so much pictures lets have a moment here for Neneko:

^                                                   ^dream                                         ^reality – she is realistic
and the scene I liked the most in all anime:

and actually she hits herself there… kinda harsh for him to say those words to her knowing what she feels. But she is smart enough not to fall for it. She is really great of women, because lets face it – usually we fall for even smallest word of affection from beloved one. We love with ears, but lets not forget – men love by eyes… and there is no question about his feelings here


yap beauty wins..





op: “Love Slave” by UNDER17 [lyrics]

ed1: “Happy Cosmos” by PoppinS [lyrics]

ed2: “Love Slave” by UNDER17



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