Recommended: For Starters No.1

If you you’re a newbie in anime world let me tell that you have no idea what you’ve been missing till now.. And for that I would like to offer you a small recommendations chart. It’s not done by me, but by some other people (I will provide a source if possible) and they gathered a small nice visual guide for the ones like you and I will just tell what I actually saw and my opinions. So lets see shell we ^.^


Source: Animu-Mango-Wiki (^.^ humble respect for the authors Note.5);


Star representing the listFor Starters No.1


Red – I saw it, but didn’t write about it here (yet);
Green – I saw it, and you can check it out in this blog;





I’m not counting the list below chart, but you may find it interesting.

  • In total: 15 (1st group) + 15 (2nd group) = 30;
  • R7;
  • G1;
  • Seen – 8;


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