Gallery of Spirited Away

Spirited Away ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

note: all pictures belong to their authors, and I only pay my humble respect to them ^.^ I will put links to some of them, and i don’t have it drag the picture to the google/image. I re-upload them, just in case of lost of true source..


DVD Scans ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


FanArt ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

^both are made by arriku

^custom CD cover by lord phillock                       ^submitted by spiritedaway18
^Promise by arriku                             ^ by Saiera

^Tears by arriku


^                                                                             ^owner Kaze no Koe

^submitted by silly_bats

^owner Kaze no Koe                                                   ^submitted by fly

^submitted by fly                                                ^submitted by fly

^submitted by fly

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