Glass Mask: The Girl Of Thousand Masks

Title: Glass Mask: The Girl Of Thousand Masks
Or: Garasu No Kamen
drama, acting, theater
Eps: 3;
Directed by: Tsuneo Kobayashi;
Character design: Masako Goto, Satoshi Hirayama;
Studio: TMS Entertainment;
Year: 1998;
Watched: 2010;
Subs: eng (youtube didn’t give “by who” info);
MAL: 8 (very good);

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Manga: Suzue Miuchi (1976-…)
Anime: Glass Mask (1984);
Remake: Glass Mask (2005-6);
Tv Drama: Glass Mask (1997);
Tv Drama Second Season: Glass Mask 2 (1998);

Main characters:

  • Maya Kitajima – main actress;
  • Ayumi Himekawa – the rival;
  • Chigusa Tsukikage – sensei;
  • Masumi Hayami – the man of purple roses;

First time I payed attention to this ova was because it somehow got into recommended list in on my account. I don’t even remember it was some AMV or a whole ep but it got my attention. Usually I don’t write here of short anime I see on YouTube, because it would eat just too much of my time. But this time I decided otherwise. I don’t even know what exactly caught my attention and why I decided to watch it but I believe it has something to do with the romance.. (oh no not the girly talky talky again)..

Anyway. The story is short, but actually nice. Its about a young girl who is so-good-for-nothing-and-totally-Cinderella-type, but has a really big desire and passion to act, so she starts to do so with the help of I-am-so-strict-and-I-will-prove-it-by-shouting-my-guts-out-on-everybody  teacher/sensei. The sensei teaches her new (in kinda harsh way to tell the truth) ways of acting and finding true meaning of every role. Its touching and proving that you can do everything when you REALLY put your mind into it. But at the same time it says that you have to have a real talent and when you don’t, you always are behind, even if you try very hard. That’s what is going around the Ayumi-san – she is a pro, but still she nearly looses to new and still inexperienced Maya.

Also some words to the romance. A man of purple roses. He is a big fan of Maya and sends her purple roses to encourage her. Actually he is a vice president of one company and want to get the rights to one play that only sansei has (and that play is what sensei is preparing Maya for), so he tries to persuade sencei in all ways to give those right to him and i mean not in only nice ways, so due to that  Maya actually starts to hate him as a Hayami, but as far as she doesn’t know that he’s the one sending purple roses, he helps her to get through a lot of hard things and to find strength to go on. Thought its not reveled as a real love story because she is way too young (that doesn’t seem to bother in ova, but try to see the drama… she suppose to be 13 or something like that… love?.. ya sure). But still its nice, thrilling and warming up your heart. I think of it as a preparation for the rest of the story.

Hmm. Right now I thought of other possible reason why I started to watch this – it reminds me of Candy Candy.. (ahh young days where have you gone?….) the little unfortunate girl that has a big passion to search for reason of life and go with a big smile on her face. Something encouraging. Both of them had tough times in life but still goes on. Although sometimes some scenes of Maya was a bit pushed and it looks like somebody really wants to make a saint martyr of her. That  lacks a bit of realism, but still they are showing the world where nothing is real. Nor emotions, nor people’s faces.

For now I think that’s enough.. Lets just put some pictures of main characters, because I plan to watch the rest of glass mask so that might be handy later for compare.

^Maya                   ^Hayami              ^Ayumi                   ^Sakurokoji           ^Tsukikage

Look at all of them.. such an innocent child, a grown up man, a beautiful rival, a friend and smiling sensei. I think its only scene where she smiles this way or smiles at all. Its like she is a kidnapper and tries to show Maya the nice face (which she doesn’t have later) and to get her into her house… and actual situation is similar so, kids, don’t trust a murderer looking women with big scars on their faces telling you that they just want to talk with you – they will make you live the hell later.





op: Yuriko Mori

en + final: Yuriko Mori



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Chigusa Tsukikage


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